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Data Loggers are intelligent with networking capabilities on RS 485 Bus and MODBUS Protocols. Additionally the meters have an inbuilt memory and RTC to record the stamp of electrical parameters on a specific date & time. Energy Audit Software “Tarang” can be used to download the data from the meters memory to laptop and can be utilized for data analysis and control.

Special Features

- Compact with integration of external CT/PT Inputs
- Customized recording of parameters through RS 485 Modem
- Choice of recording intervals - High accuracy RTC - User interactive “Tarang” Software 

Analog Panel Meter

Analog Panel Meters

The DIN series consists of meters in sizes of (1) 72 x 72 (2) 96 x 96 (3) 144 x 144 mm. The wide view meters are in sizes of 2½, 3½ and 4½ sizes. Meters M065 having round barriers.
These meters are of moving iron or moving coil type and their variants. All these meters have inter changeable dial, Protection cover, different scale pattern and suppressions. These are type tested as per is 1248. The normal class of accuracy is 1.5 (1.0 optional). 

Moving Iron / Coil / Circular Scale / Double Scale

- Oil damped movement with recessed jewels
- Shock & vibration Proof
- Very High torque to weight ratio
- Shielded movement
- As per is standard
- Range 50mA to 100A (Direct) & CTR / 5A or 1A & 50V - 600V/PTR 


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