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Electronic Timer

- On and off times individually settable
- Calibrated knob for accurate On time and Off time setting
- Rugged design suitable for 24 hrs
- Wide temperature withstand range 
- Accurate timing & repeat cycle accuracy
- Suitable for mounting inside panel

General Description

Asian Electronic timer finds application in automatic starting and stopping of
Diesel priming pumps Genets, fire engines. Also used in continuous on & off
cycles of motors, pumps, etc in pumping or any industrial use also used in all
industrial timing applications. The internal system is derived from a series of
clocks which when triggered start the timing cycle and trip after the present
time as follows.

On timing                                         Initially on and after preset time
                                                           settable on facia timer turns off.
Off timing                                         After on time is over the off time timer
                                                            takes over settable by knob on facia.

Two sets of changeover contacts changeover at end of every timing cycle
i.e. On or off.
Time delay is as per orders which are
0 - 10 sec                           0 - 100 sec
0 - 60 sec                          0 - 3 min
0 - 10 min                          0 - 1hrs.
Any of these times can be specified while ordering two models:
(1) 230V/12V DC timers using either 230 Vac or
(2) 24 V DC using 24 V DC supply


Voltage rating
On/Of Time setting
Off / Time setting
Temperature range
Repeat time accuracy
Contact rating
Thermal rating
Surge capacity
230V AC / 12V DC
24V DC
As per order 0-10, 0-100, 0-60 sec
0-3, 0-10 min, 0-60 min
same as on above
5VA at setting
± 2% of setting
5A Max
Relay will withstand continuously rated voltage.

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