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Engine Start Relay

Engine Start Relay

- Three Kick attempt timer relay
- Auto lockout after three kicks
- Rugged design suitable for 24 hrs
- Wide temperature withstand range
- Accurate timing & repeat cycle accuracy
- Suitable for mounting inside panel

General Description

Asian Engine starting relays find application in
automatic starting of Diesel/petrol engines or
Genets and fire engines. Also used in AMF
panels for captive power plants. The internal
system is derived from a series of clocks which
remain on for durations is stable by two calibrated
potentiometers settable from 0-30 seconds. Two
sets of changeover contacts are provided. One
set is used for cracking or sequencing operation
to start the diesel or petrol engine/genet. The
other set of contacts is provided for lockout in
case the engine/genet does not start in three
attempts. After the lockout phase the relay stops
functioning. The external supply is required to
be cut to reset the relay after lockout.


- Voltage rating
- On time setting
- Off time setting
- Burden
- Temperature range
- Repeat time accuracy
- Contact rating
- Thermal rating
12 or 24 Vdc Specify
During Order
0-30 sec
0-30 sec
5VA at setting
-20 + 55°C
± @% of setting
5A max
Relay will withstand

Continuously rated voltage. Surge capacity is twice rated voltage


Single Phase Over Current Relay

- Validates Current through CT continuously
- Precise circuits enable high accuracy
- Rugged design suitable for 24 hrs
- Filtering & harmonic suppression to enable
   precise comparison of Measurement
- Built in time for Delay applications
- Suitable for mounting inside panel

General Description

Asian series of over current relays are ideal for sensing over current faults in
anyone phase for protection of AC machines. Transformers, Feeders
Generators etc. The relay monitors the current passing in any feeder
secondary of the CT in that phase. Over currents in any phase can be
ensured by appropriately connecting the CT's the resultant current thus
ensed in converted through sensitive electronic circuits and digitally
compared to the preset reference also suitable through a potentition meter
on the facia. A higher than limit condition triggers a timer which can be set
from 0-10sec also on the facia. If the Over current condition persists for
more than the time duration a contact changeover occurs and a led on
facia glows to indicate a trip condition. This can be used to trip the breaker.
The time trip helps toward of transcend currents so the time must be set
according to the system requirements. Two sets of changeover contacts are available


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