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Fault Annuciation Unit

Fault Annuciation Unit

- Integrated unit having full feature set
- Additional lamp test provision enables diagnostics
- Incorporates digital technology
- Rugged design suitable for 7x24 hrs operation
- Any number of Units can be wired in parallel to
   increase the number of fault points.

General Description

These annunciation units AA24 are digital units with front end lit by LED’s.
Applications are in monitoring fault conditions in any process, equipments
etc. A fault condition then triggers a buzzer, trip contact and additional
contact for Additional hooter in case an external hooter is desired.
On receipt of a potential free signal, the corresponding window
flashes, two changeover contacts changeover to signal trip indication and
an internal electronic buzzer beeps to signal fault condition. One
additional contact is provided for hooter in case external hooter is desired.

When the acknowledge pushbutton on AA24 is pressed the flashing
becomes steady, the buzzer stops and the hooter contact is released.
After the removal of fault the unit can be reset by the reset pushbutton.

On pressing lamp test all the windows glow simultaneously and the buzzer
sound. This is a diagnostics tool.


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