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“Asian - The indicating panel meters” provides a wide range of digital panel meters for accurate & reliable measurement of almost all electrical quantities with class 1.0 & 0.5 accuracy. The series contains various models of AC/DC versions for industrial / Commercial applications with high resolution display feature. Asian Series models are compact digital meters incorporated with the unique feature of onsite CT & PT ratio programmability.

Asian Series Offers

- True RMS Measurement
- Accuracy class 0.5 and 1.0 for 5% to 120% of AMP Input range
- Available in AC/DC Variants
- On site CT/PT ratio programmability.
- On site connection configuration from 3 phase 3 wire & 3 Phase 4 wire and vice versa in three phase meters.
- High resolution LED
- Provides range of Auxiliary supply from 80V-300V AC
- Continuous Overload of 1.2 times the nominal value display 9999 count. - 4KV insulation withstands capability
- Comply with international safety standards
Single Phase Variants
1. Volt Meters  2. Ammeters  3. Frequency meters
Three Phase Variants
1. Volt Meters 2. Ammeters 3. Power factor meters 4. Active power meters 5. Meters (kWh)
DC Variants
1. Volt Meters 2. Ammeters 

Application Summary 

- Laboratory test benches.
- Industrial automation
- Power control panels
- Generator control panels
- Substation panels
- Switch board instruments
- Power distribution Panels
- Sub Stations, Machine Control
- Motor Control, Center Panels

Digital Power Analyzer / TVM Meter



Multifunction Meters are based on 32Bit, 100Pin Microprocessor, with 24 Bit Six Channel Sigma Delta Front end Analog to Digital Converters. The Measurement accuracy of Class 0.5 can be achieved on the practical range of operation. The TVM (Trivector Meter) are 4 Quadrant True RMS Meter and have advanced feature of Maximum Demand and RTC Based Load Surveys.

Special Features:

- 32Bit, 100 Pin, Processor
- SMT Technology
- Various Choice of Bright FND/LCD STN display
- 2-4 keys for programming input
- Higher Class of Accuracy
- 2 Quadrants to 4 Quadrants
- Provision of RTC based Load Survey
- RS 232/RS 485 interface
- MODBUS Protocol
- Integration of 1 or 2 Potential free contacts

Application: -

- Industrial Control Panels
- Power Project Control Panels
- Energy Auditing and Data Logging
- Industrial Automization
- Smart Building Control Panels
- Energy Managing and Monitoring Equipments
- Testing Laboratories
- Diesel Generator Control Panels


Asian Electrical & Electronics
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