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Stree tLight Controlling


Network Elements:
1) Lighting Management Server Software
2) GSM/GPRS Gateway
3) Controller (Energy Meter)
4) Wired Communication (RS-485) am ong Meters and GSM/GPRS MODEM
5) Broad-Band Internet Connection with Static IP or else Cloud Server Account


Lighting Management Server Software (LMSS) will monitor the entire network of Street Lights. As depicted in the above diagram, group of Street Lights will be connected to a Controller (Energy Measuring and Controlling Meter). Group of Controllers will be connected to GSM / GPRS Gateways (DCUs) through RS- 485 wired bus. All these GSM / GPRS Gateways will be communicated to a Remote Server where the LMSS isinstalled either in local pc (Must have Internet with Static IP) or Cloud Server. All the Street Lights will be controlled and monitored
through a Controller. All the details of Energy of grouped Street lights will be available with Controllers, Controllers will pass this information to Servers through Network Elements like Gateways etc. All Street Lights Configurations can be done in LMSS Terminal. Street Light ON and OFF timings can be programmed in LMSS. The following are the Technical Specifications.


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