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Under Over Voltage

- Validates all three phases simultaneously
- Precise circuits enable high accuracy
- Rugged design suitable for 24 hrs
- Filtering & harmonic suppression to Enable
   precise comparison of Measurement
- Built in timer for delay applications
- Suitable for mounting inside panel

General Description

Asian Under + Over voltage relay find application in effective protection
of equipments such as genet, motors, pumps, trans, Shunt capacitors
etc. from damage due to transient under voltages. These are also used
to sense blackouts and brownouts and to control auto start stops of
engines and genets e.g. In AMF panel. The input voltage is continuously
checked and the value measured is compared against a preset generates
a changeover signal. Two sets of potential free changeover contacts are
provided for breaker tripping. The relay resets automatically when the
input is within limits. A fixed time delay of 2-4 sec on low and high signal
is also given after comparison to suppress false tripping as in case of
transients. Under and over voltage are externally suitable on front facia by
two potentiometers. A hysteresis of about 5-15.
Volts between dropout and pickup is provided to avoid sharp cutoffs.
The relay remains off when is low or zero or high than set limit and
when voltage is healthy the relay is on. (This care of no volt operation)
LED indicator Display the status.


- Voltage rating
- Frequency
- Voltage setting
- Time setting
- Burden
- Temperature range
- Repeat accuracy
- Contact rating
3 ph 415 Vac, 110V ac
50 Hz
Under 70-90%
Over 100-130%
Under 300-400V
Over 420-500V
2-4 sec fixed
5VA at setting
± 3% of setting
Relay will withstand

Continuously rated voltage. Surge capacity is twice rated voltage

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