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Water Level Controller Indicator

Water Level indicator are home automatic
product which helps a customer to completely
eliminate manual intervention that is required
every day in every home to fill water. Now no
more losing sleep over filling your water tank
Be in night or day or you are away, water level
controller ensures your water tank is filled at
the right time & not even a single drop is wasted

(Fully Automatic Water
Level Controller)

- Auto Start when Water comes to reserves level.
- Auto off when tank gets Full.
- Automatic off when upper tank full
- Auto on when lower tank Empty
- Auto on when water comes in corporation line
- Auto off when water supply interrupts
- It control all types of single Phase / Submersible
Phase / Submersible and all other motors.

Features & Benefits

- Motor switches on automatically when less water in tank
and water is available at source.
- Daily water filling convenience- No worries/ Tensions when
to fill water tank.
- Motor is switched ON only if water is available at source-
No dry run allowed.
- Motor switches off automatically when tank is full
- No worries of water overflow - preserves construction
quality as there is no water spread.
- Water Level & control display installed at a convenient
location in the house


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